Sunday, February 26, 2006

DomWar 12: Closing Articles

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Odds and ends as my participation in this cross-community competition comes to a close. The first is a mostly abandoned concept for Nkoste for a saboteur general. Abandoned since he looked mischevious and kind of nice rather than evil, and because it's a regurgitated version of half a dozen different characters of the slinky rodent type, from Gollum on up.

This second one is also for Nkoste, designed as a sibling to Downsizer's Psionic. The brother is also some sort of mentalist general encased in a robot body... that's about as far as I got. Maybe he's still a saboteur, I really don't know.

And the final image is one that I was just doodling up but also wasn't exactly set on fire by the design, so I haven't posted it until now. It's not bad, and there are some interesting texture bits in there, but the forms are pretty lazy.


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