Tuesday, February 14, 2006

DomWar 8: Hitler & Ghostie

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Hitlerstravaganza! As you might recall from the Dominance War Update 2, for one of the entrants I designed a Hitler head-in-a-mech. Well the last two days I've been fleshing it out. First off was doing a mock-up 3d model, which was for my own purposes as well as making things either for my collaborator.

Thankfully I've got friends with far greater experience with 3DS Max than I. Fritz was kind enough to play around with a few renders of the model on a basic stage setup, and this one looked like it would be an excellent candidate for a paintover:

I thought the cylindrical banding in the background was interesting, but I didn't want it to interfere with the read of the mech's silhouette. So with some sweat in Painter and Photoshop here's the mid-level step after yesterday:

And finally after most of today, here's the finished (for now?) paintover, that partially incorporates the head model that Katzeimsack has built. Pretty happy with it, particularly the worn down pedestal. In Italy and other European countries, stone steps like those are everywhere and when I see them they never cease to impress upon me their immense age.

But that wasn't all that today brought! Earlier was sort of a warm-up character design, a ghostly woman infested with maggots. I'm rather proud how good those maggots look... it almost makes seeing the hideous reference pictures worth it. I like how the limbs resolve in a primitive fashion, reminiscent of something from Silent Hill or similar game:


orionlesc said...

very good!3d and then paint...
I would have to do it for my project city...
very good!colors getting better

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