Thursday, March 02, 2006

Robot 004: Elektro

Thursday, March 02, 2006
Meet Elektro, the cigarette-smoking Westinghouse Motoman. Noted on this page as now being the Oldest Robot in the United States, Elektro was built as a showpiece by Westinghouse, an appliance manufacturer. One of the more popular and visible robots of the '30s, at a time when it seemed like a sure bet robots would at the very least be cooking or doing menial jobs around the house of the future. David Szondy's page has more info on this one as well.

With this illustration you may notice I took a bit of artistic liberty: Elektro very likely could not tilt his torso back at such a jaunty angle, but it seemed so fitting to his disposition that I couldn't resist. With that cigarette in his mouth and his hands splayed, I can just hear him make some salacious comment at your girlfriend.


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