Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dominance War begins: Sectaurs' concept

Thursday, February 02, 2006
Exciting times--the Dominance War, a contest between polycount and CGchat has just started, and both communities have hit the ground running. For my part, as I haven't completely a model since 2001, I've elected to furnish concept designs for anyone at polycount who asks for it.

There's always an inevitable bleed-off between when these contests start and when they end in terms of participation, but the sheer number of people joining in now means there should still be a healthy selection of final entries. It's only the first full day and people are chomping at the bit. Here's my thread on polycount offering my help, the first of which is for a friend who goes by Sectaurs. He requested something organic, a "flesh-tank" with a gun mounted on the back. Wanting to eschew typical cybernetic implant-type characters for this one, I went with a fairly novel take on the mounted gun:

And not to worry, my robot studies are still underway. I'm almost done with #4, in fact, it will be posted later today.


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