Tuesday, February 07, 2006

DomWar 5: General Birdstein / Mech Pilot

Tuesday, February 07, 2006
As with yesterday I'll add more pieces as I work on them, so be sure to refresh your browser when you visit this page, as it seems to get cached.

First up is General Priscilla "Knifetail" Birdstein. Giant avian species, while enormously intelligent and peerless fighters, aren't particularly clever with nicknames.

Small update: didn't quite have the juice to overhaul the mech today (sorry EQ!) but I did do a little work on fleshing out what the pilot will look like:

Only the head and chest will be visible, but it was still fun to draw. The helmet was updated based on EQ's in progress model which is looking really nice so far, it's really a privilege to work with a guy that's been advancing as steadily in his craft as EQ has.


KMan said...

omg! That hat is so small. And that guy that's missing his head is so small.

Or wait... thaat bird is HUUUUUGE!

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