Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Robot 006: Gort (Day the Earth Stood Still)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
one ugly robotIf there was ever an uglier robot in the whole history of mechanical men, I have yet to see it. This is the second, better known robot named Gort, featured in the science fiction classic The Day the Earth Stood Still. The film itself is something of a classic; Gort's design is not. Well, textbook example of what not to do, I guess. The first time I saw Day when I was younger, I wrote off Gort's hideous appearance as the movie being old and the designers not knowing any better. But Day came a full 24 years after Metropolis, which featured one of the best robot designs of all time, so it's not for lack of good examples. Gort has a number of unsightly features, from the motorcylce helmet head to the stubby, finger-less hands, but my personal favorite would be the lines of robo-briefs. That's right, an 8 foot tall, featureless robot with a belt and underpants. Awesome.


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